Jumat, 18 November 2016

How to abort Traditionally

How to abort Traditionally - This time we will try one more way to have an abortion yes. But in this article we discussed how to use the traditional way aliases are using some natural or herbal ingredients that are easily available. This method is said to be traditional dikarnakan was long ago known by our ancestors that this method is able to terminate the pregnancy.

There are many among us who choose to obat telat datang bulan the traditional way that I think is quite a risky thing to do. However, dikarnakan economic factors, some people it is foolhardy to choose this way of doing the abortion process.

How to abort Traditionally

How to abort Traditionally

There are two ways to perform the abortion process is traditionally what I know. All of these fall into the category of a way harmful to the health and safety of life for the patient. Therefore I do not recommend this process to be done. Here are two ways to have an abortion is traditionally what I know:

With content abort in Massage
You can only come to a masseuse or obat penggugur janin to be able to perform the abortion process. But first try to imagine what happens to your content there. You will be in the massage on the abdomen without any medical data safety is guaranteed. Incredible pain will you feel when the massage process. Not to mention the risk of bleeding that occurs when you have a miscarriage.

Abort Content With Natural Ingredients
Similar to the above manner, but here only assisted using ingredients - natural products or herbal ingredients capable memnggugurkan content such as using turmeric or young pineapple fruit. Consume young pineapple fruit is quite dangerous for pregnant women because the condition can cause contractions. But to be able to abort by using pineapple is necessary consumption of this fruit are numerous and ongoing.

Bayangankan how can we accept this body. Stomach acid to rise and of course many complications of the disease are going to suffer. Such as ulcers, intestinal damage and also damage other parts of the hull. Of course this is not what you want.

How to abort Safe
We still recommend to all of our patients to choose the safest way to abort the process that they would have. Of course using medical means that accountability can be the answer. Try the one to use drugs such as gastrul penggugur content and Cytotec to do this abortion process.

So a few articles about How to abort Traditionally we discussed this time. Hopefully there are lessons before you decide what means will be used to perform the abortion process itself.